From Notting Hill with Love …Actually

“If you love your rom-coms and know your Mark Darcy from your Daniel Cleaver then you’re going to adore this.”

Carole Matthews

Scarlett loves the movies – they’re just so much more exciting and romantic than her own mundane life mending popcorn machines and living with her DIY obsessed fiancé David. So when everyone keeps telling her she needs to stop day-dreaming her life away in Johnny Depp & Brad Pitt’s arms, and settle down and get on with real life, Scarlett decides to prove them all wrong.

When she’s given the chance to house-sit in Notting Hill for a month, Scarlett thinks this will be her ideal opportunity to prove her family wrong about the movies. But she quickly finds the real Notting Hill is nothing like the celluloid version, and after she meets her new neighbour – the cool, confident, but movie-hating Sean, Scarlett starts to realise this challenge might be trickier than she first thought.

Every day Scarlett tries – usually unsuccessfully – to place herself in as many movie scenes as she can. But it’s when she’s least expecting it that she finds a link to one of her favourites…and it’s then that she discovers so much more than the fairytale ending she’s always dreamed of.

Available in Paperback, Large Print, eBook and Audio.