Daisy’s Vintage Cornish Camper Van

“If you like your stories with an added pinch of magic, you’ll love this… wonderfully enjoyable”


When Ana inherits a vintage VW camper van from her best friend, Daisy, she finds herself travelling to the little harbour town of St Felix in Cornwall to collect it. The problem is the camper van is completely run down and in need of much renovation. But luckily local mechanic, Malachi is on hand to help Ana out and restore the van back to its former glory.

But when Malachi and Ana find a batch of vintage postcards hidden in the old camper van, Ana sets off on her own journey of discovery, when she decides to try and find the mysterious writer of the postcards, all of which contain messages of love between the same two people.

But who will Ana find herself driving off into the Cornish sunset with? Noah, the shy antiques shop owner, who helps Ana to trace the owner of the postcards, or Malachi, the happy-go-lucky Irish mechanic?

Only Daisy’s Vintage Cornish Camper Van knows all the answers…

Available in Paperback, Large Print, eBook and Audio.